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Why Opt for an Integrated System?

High quality materials & manufacturing

Quality control starts with materials selection. Our design strategy includes top quality materials and manufacturing processes:

  • cULus listed and Factory Mutual (FM) approved as assembled units, ensuring consistency in materials and assembly.
  • Galvanized trim piping standard in all units.
  • Modular Viking conventional trim rated at 250 psi.
  • Corrosion resistant cabinets with flush handles and locks.

Every manufacturing step is carefully planned down to the last detail to avoid any anomalies or defects.

Factory assembled under ISO 9001 quality control standards

The company's modern facilities produce high quality integrated systems under controlled conditions.

By ensuring rigorous quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process, our team of foremen make sure that our systems meet required specifications and configurations.

Peace of mind on site

Factory assembly makes work at the job site easier as it requires less subcontractor coordination. Overseers, engineers and local authorities gain peace of mind knowing that the delivered systems work as specified.

Quick installation

Our turnkey systems can be installed easily and quickly, which significantly reduces installation costs.


Cabinets can be easily integrated into any type of environment. Systems are offered in many sizes and configurations, allowing greater flexibility.

Serial number for easy reference

Each unit is given a serial number for easy reference and maintenance. 

Maintenance manual provided with each unit 

Standardized user-friendly operation and maintenance manuals are available online.