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TotalPac - FireFlex


Proudly manufactured by the company that has introduced and developed the concept of integrated fire protection systems in the market, FireFlex’s Vacuum Fire Protection System is a complete FM approved integrated system that offers unique features and benefits such as corrosion mitigation measures and the use of gridded piping network ** configurations.

Fully assembled, factory tested and ready to be connected to the water supply and piping network, system includes all control valves, a vacuum pump, release control panel and the unique FireFlex FLX-PC (Patent Pending) Vacuum Pressure Controller which constitutes the heart of the system.

FireFlex’s Vacuum Fire Protection Systems are available in Dry-pipe Vacuum and Pre-action Vacuum, Non-Interlocked, Single Interlocked and Double Interlocked configurations in sizes from 3” to 8” and all use the same components making it easy to order.

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  • Factory assembled, programmed and tested under ISO-9001 standards
  • Uses the Viking Model F-1 Straight Through Deluge valve
  • Comes standard prewired to the Viking VFR-400 releasing control panel
  • Compact, aesthetic and easy to move
  • Neoprene gasket on all doors to eliminate vibrations
  • No open drain cup inside unit
  • Separate unlocked access hatch to emergency manual release
  • Serial number on every unit for easy reference
  • User-friendly standardized owner’s manual with every unit

Other Standard Features

  • Inhibits corrosion by removing oxygen and moisture
  • Inhibiting atmosphere quickly created as you start the system
  • Automatically removes residual water preventing ice plug formations
  • Roughness factor of C=120 on dry systems using black pipe possible
  • Ensures quick actuation time thru FLX-PC Controller
  • Real-time Vacuum Pressure monitoring
  • Free calculation software to estimate filling time


The FLX-PC (Patent Pending) device is used to precisely monitor and control thevacuum level in the piping network, it displays in real time, the vacuum pressure, the vacuum pump run time and frequency of pump operation, thus providing useful information in regards to major changes in the piping network.

The FLX-PC Vacuum Pressure Controller controls the vacuum pump and is programmed to maintain vacuum pressure in the piping network between -180 mbar (-2.6 psi) and -150 mbar (-2.2 psi).

The piping network within the Vacuum Fire Protection System is supervised by the FLX-PC for vacuum pressure under normal conditions. In case of a fi re, it will detect a sprinkler activation, generate an alarm and trip the system in less than 5 seconds.

The FLX-PC also supervises the vacuum pressure for low and high level and supervisory signals are provided.



 Vacuum technology provides inherent corrosion inhibiting capability by removing oxygen and moisture from the piping.

It offers an economical and long term solution on applications where piping corrosion, clogging or ice plugs can affect system performance or where maintenance issues are a concern.

The inhibiting atmosphere is quickly created, only a few minutes after you start the system, normal vacuum pressure is reached thus creating the proper atmosphere to inhibit corrosion. The system pressure is then monitored in real-time by the FLX-PC controller ensuring a proper level at all times.



The vacuum is created using a (1.5 HP, 220V/60Hz/7 Amps) water ring seal vacuum pump controlled by the FLX-PC.

The vacuum pump used in the system allows for very quick start-ups. The required time to establish maximum supervisory vacuum level in the piping network is less than 4 minutes for a 1000 gallon system thus saving start-up and maintenance time in the field.

Quiet running and requiring minimal maintenance vacuum pumps offer significant advantages compared to air compressors.



For easier maintenance the riser shut-off valve comes as a standard on all units. It consist of a supervised butterfly valve which allows for a full flow trip test without flooding the system’s piping and a sight glass located on the main drain for visual indication of the water flow.



Sprinklers must be approved and tested for use under vacuum condition. Contact FireFlex for complete list of approved sprinklers or refer to sprinkler manufacturer’s datasheets.




Available Types

Integrated vacuum fire protection systems are available in the following configurations:

  • Dry-pipe
  • Non-interlock Preaction
  • Single-interlock Preaction
  • Double-Interlock Preaction

Releasing Control Panel

The Viking VFR-400 is cULus Listed, FM Approved and meets UL 864-9 requirements. It features onboard menu-driven programming with twelve pre-installed programs to facilitate set up. The panel is compatible with multiple initiating devices such as:

linear heat detection, smoke and heat detectors, waterflow indicators, low & high air pressure switches as well as manual pull stations.






The FIREFLEX®-Vactec® Systems are FM Approved as an assembled unit. Click on the link below to view the FIREFLEX® Vactec certificate.

  • FireFlex® FM Approval
  • Our adaptability, in order to better meet our customers' needs, is our main priority. Consequently, here is the available range of options for the FireFlex-Vactec units.


    Semi-flanged and full flanged Option

    When required by the user, FIREFLEX®-VACTEC® unit can be provided in a semi-flanged or full-flanged configuration.


    galvanized Option

    Main inlet and riser provided in galvanized pipe